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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2016Anomalous Transport in Chiral SystemsAbanov, Alexander G; Kharzeev, Dmitri E; Machado Monteiro, Gustavo; Department of Physics; Zahed, Ismael; Du, Xu; Tsvelik, Alexei; .
1-Dec-2016Atomic substitutions in synthetic apatite; insights from solid-state NMR spectroscopyPhillips, Brian L; Nekvasil, Hanna; Vaughn, John; Department of Geosciences; Parise, John B; Hurowitz, Joel; Rakovan, John; .
1-May-2017Changes in Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Quartz and Feldspars in Response to Impact CrateringGlotch, Timothy D.; Rasbury, Troy; Jaret, Steven Jeremy; Department of Geosciences; Henkes, Gregory; Hemming, Sidney; Osinski, Gordon; .
1-May-2010Collaboration, Movement, Projection: The Interdisciplinary Structure of Lucinda Childs's Dance, 1979Larson, Brooke; Goldstein, Jennifer Hasher; Department of Art History and Criticism; .
1-Dec-2016Cosmogenic Silicon – 32 reveals extensive authigenic clay formation in deltaic systems and constrains the marine silica budgetAller, Robert C; Cochran, James K; Rahman, Shaily; Department of Marine and Atmospheric Science; DeMaster, David J; Froelich, Philip N; Zhu, Qingzhi; .
1-May-2010Design & Technology Assessment of UHF RFID SystemTeng, Ted; Gorfinkel, Vera; Raghuwanshi, Kailash; Department of Electrical Engineering; .
1-Dec-2015Discourses on Time in the European Avant-GardeLochhead, Judith; Smith, Stephen D; Hayes, Aaron Allen; Department of Music; Steege, Benjamin; Casey, Edward; Hulse, Brian; .
1-Dec-2016Don’t Look Now: The Child in Horror Cinema and MediaGabbard, Krin; Kaplan, E. Ann; Staats, Hans; Department of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies; Reich, Jacqueline; Sharrett, Christopher; Lowenstein, Adam; .
1-Dec-2016Effects of Chemically-Modified-Curcumin (CMC2.24) on Rat Experimental PeriodontitisGu, Ying; Golub, Lorne M; Wang, Howard Hao; Department of Oral Biology and Pathology; Carrion, Julio A; Simon, Sanford R; Johnson, Francis; .
1-May-2017Effects of Hurricane Sandy on Great South Bay, Long Island: Assessing water quality, seagrass and associated nekton communitiesPeterson, Bradley J; Tinoco, Amanda Isabel; Department of Marine and Atmospheric Science; Cerrato, Robert M; Roman, Charles T; .
1-Dec-2016Efficient Iterative and Multigrid Solvers with ApplicationsJiao, Xiangmin; Samulyak, Roman; Lu, Cao; Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Reuter, Matthew; Khairoutdinov, Marat; Zhang, Minghua; .
1-May-2017Empowerment Respect, Self-Respect, and Political LiberalismKittay, Eva; O'Byrne, Anne; O'Connor, Cara Watson; Department of Philosophy; Mar, Gary; Khader, Serene; Dillon, Robin; .
1-May-2010The Ethereal State: Weddings in Modern American Feminist DramaRosen, Carol; Cody, Andrea J.; Department of English; .
1-May-2010Exposing the 'Quiet Trauma': The Illness Narratives of Jo SpenceRizzo, John A.; Dwyer, Debra; Jones, Ebonipearl Emele J.; Department of Art History and Criticism; .
1-Dec-2016Field ReportsWinkler, Peter; Weymouth, Daniel; Conklin, Andrew L.; Department of Music; Goldstein, Perry; Taylor, Stephen A; .
1-May-2010Graffiti Research Lab: Bridging the Canonical and the CriminalBogart, Michele H.; Patterson, Zabet; Keough, Jessica Catherine; Department of Art History and Criticism; .
1-Dec-2010Implementing Tracecuts in the InterAspect Program Instrumentation FrameworkSmolka, Scott A.; Dixit, Ketan; Department of Computer Science; .
1-May-2017Imprinted effects in the brain: from the X chromosome to single autosomal lociOsten, Pavel; Huang, Josh Z; Szelenyi, Eric; Department of Neuroscience; Li, Bo; Talmage, David; Alberini, Cristina; .
1-May-2017Improving and Understanding Climate Models: Scale-Aware Parameterization of Cloud Water Inhomogeneity and Sensitivity of MJO Simulation to Physical Parameters in a Convection SchemeZhang, Minghua; Khairoutdinov, Marat; Xie, Xin; Department of Marine and Atmospheric Science; Chang, Edmund; Vogelmann, Andrew; Golaz, Chris; .
1-Dec-2016Increasing College Students’ Interest and Engagement in STEM: A Comparison of Strategies for Challenging STEM StereotypesLevy, Sheri R.; London, Bonita; Shin, Jiyun Elizabeth; Department of Social/Health Psychology; Moyer, Anne; Rajaram, Suparna; Bear, Julia; .