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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014Deformation Behavior of Honeycomb Foams in CompressionVenkatesh, T A; Alkhader, Maen; Lee, Doo Hee; Department of Materials Science and Engineering.; Raghothamachar, Balaji.
1-Dec-2013Dynamic Behavior of Cellular Architectures and the Role of TopologyAlkhader, Maen; Brick, Vincent; Department of Mechanical Engineering.; Wang, Lifeng; Venkatesh, T..
1-Dec-2014Effects of Marine Environments and Cyclic Loading on Carbon Fiber-Vinyl Ester CompositesAlkhader, Maen; Afshar, Arash; Department of Mechanical Engineering.; Korach, Chad; Chiang, Fu-Pen; Venkatesh, T.A..
1-Aug-2015Electromechanical Response of Piezoelectric Cellular Architectures: The effect of topological features and deformation modesAlkhader, Maen; Iyer, Sumantu; Department of Mechanical Engineering.; Kukta, Robert; Hwang, David; T. A., Venkatesh.
1-Aug-2012Indentation Analysis of Transversely Isotropic MaterialsVenkatesh, T A; Bhat, Talapady Srivatsa; Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Koga, Tadanori; Alkhader, Maen; Meng, Yizhi.
1-Dec-2014Mechanical Properties of 3-D Printed Cellular Foams with triangular cellsVenkatesh, T A; Alkhader, Maen; Bunga, Pratap Kumar; Department of Materials Science and Engineering.; Raghothamachar, Balaji.
1-Aug-2015Power Generation from the Diurnal Cycle Using Shape Memory AlloysGe, Qiaode; Kellogg, Joseph Lawrence; Department of Mechanical Engineering.; Alkhader, Maen; Chang, Qing.
1-Aug-2015Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Metal Oxide for Water Remediation and Energy ApplicationsGouma, Pelagia-Irene (Perena); Haynes, Aisha S.; Lee, Jusang; Department of Materials Science and Engineering.; Alkhader, Maen; Liu, Mingzhao.