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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2015The Census of Warm Debris Disks in the Solar Neighborhood from WISE and HipparcosMetchev, Stanimir; Patel, Rahul; Department of Physics.; Zingale, Michael; Dawber, Matthew; Oppenheimer, Rebecca.
1-Dec-2012Engineering Enhanced Piezoelectric Response in Ferroelectric SuperlatticesDawber, Matthew; Sinsheimer, John; Department of Physics; Weinacht, Thomas; Fernandez-Serra, Maria Victoria; Chandra, Premala; Han, Myung-Geun
1-Dec-2015Exploring the Space of Superconformal Field TheoriesRastelli, Leonardo; Duarte de Almeida Lemos, Madalena; Department of Physics.; van Nieuwenhuizen, Peter; Dawber, Matthew; Rocek, Martin; Anderson, Michael.
1-Dec-2013Holographic PomeronZahed, Ismail; Stoffers, Alexander; Department of Physics.; Dawber, Matthew; Pisarski, Robert; Schneble, Dominik; Teaney, Derek.
1-Dec-2013A Hydrodynamic Analysis of Collective Flow in Heavy-Ion CollisionsTeaney, Derek; Yan, Li; Department of Physics.; Shuryak, Edward; Dawber, Matthew; Sorensen, Paul.
1-Dec-2014The Influence of Proton Order on the Thermal Conductivity of IceFernandez-Serra, Maria V; Siebert, Jonathan Tammo; Department of Physics.; Dawber, Matthew; Allen, Philip; Kiryluk, Joanna.
1-Dec-2016Investigations in the crystal growth and neutron scattering of superconductors and a relaxor ferroelectricGu, Genda; Allen, Philip B.; Schneeloch, John; Department of Physics; Tranquada, John M.; Schneble, Dominik A.; Dawber, Matthew; Yin, Weiguo.
1-Dec-2015A ï¬ rst-principles study of structural, electronic and optical properties of GaN, ZnO and (GaN)1−x(ZnO)xAllen, Philip B; Fernandez-Serra, Maria V; Liu, Jian; Department of Physics; Dawber, Matthew; Hybertsen, Mark S; .
1-Dec-2016Molecular Strong Field Ionization viewed with Photoelectron Velocity Map ImagingWeinacht, Thomas C.; Sandor, Peter; Department of Physics; Schneble, Dominik A.; Dawber, Matthew; Bergeman, Thomas; Baumert, Thomas.
1-May-2015Probing Topological Magnetism with Transmission Electron MicroscopyZhu, Yimei; Pollard, Shawn; Department of Physics.; Dawber, Matthew; Calder, Alan; Vescovo, Elio.
1-May-2015Quantum transport in ballistic graphene devicesDu, Xu; Kumaravadivel, Piranavan; Department of Physics.; Allen, Philip; Mecalf, Harold; Dawber, Matthew; Camino, Fernando.
1-Dec-2016Studies of Entanglement Entropy, and Relativistic Fluids for Thermal Field TheoriesHerzog, Christoper P; Spillane, Michael; Department of Physics; Dawber, Matthew; Anderson, Michael; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2015The Study of Epitaxial Growth of BaTiO3/SrTiO3 SuperlatticesDawber, Matthew; Hu, Wenxiang; Department of Materials Science and Engineering.; Orlov, Alexander; Venkatesh, T. A..
1-Dec-2015Study of the Velocity Dependence of the Adiabatic Rapid Passage (ARP) Optical Force in HeliumMetcalf, Harold J; Elgin, John David; Department of Physics.; Dawber, Matthew; Wei, Tzu-Chieh; Sears, Trevor.
1-Dec-2011Theoretical Characterization of Water-Surfaces InteractionsPoissier, Adrien; Poissier, Adrien; Department of Physics; Allen, Philip; Fernandez-Serra, Maria-Victoria; Dawber, Matthew; Stacchiola, Dario; Calder, Alan
1-Aug-2012Transport Processes in High Temperature QCD PlasmasTeaney, Derek; HONG, JUHEE; Department of Physics; Dawber, Matthew; Hemmick, Thomas K; Petreczky, Peter.
1-Dec-2013Uncovering the structure of (super)conformal field theoriesRastelli, Leonardo; Liendo, Pedro; Department of Physics.; van Nieuwenhuizen, Peter; Dawber, Matthew; Rocek, Martin; Takhtajan, Leon.
1-Dec-2016Understanding the Dielectric Properties of WaterFernandez-Serra, Marivi; Elton, Daniel C.; Department of Physics; Allen, Philip B; Dawber, Matthew; Calder, Alan C; Reuter, Matthew.