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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-20123D Scanning Using Consumer-Grade Depth Sensors: Methods and ApplicationsSamaras, Dimitris; Orrego, Carlos; Department of Computer Science; Gu, Xianfeng; Berg, Tamara.
1-May-2017Accurate Recovery of Functions in COTS BinariesSekar, R.; Qiao, Rui; Department of Computer Science; Polychronakis, Michalis; Nikiforakis, Nick; Prakash, Aravind.
1-Aug-2010Activity Recognition using WiFi SignaturesDas, Samir; Thirupugalsamy, Rajendran; Department of Computer Science; Jie Gao; Jennifer Wong.
1-Aug-2012Algorithms and Interfaces for Automated Non-Visual SkimmingBorodin, Yevgen; Ramakrishnan, I.V.; Ahmed, Faisal; Department of Computer Science; Ramakrishnan, C.R.; Bigham, Jeffrey P.
1-Dec-2016Automatic Discovery of Efficient Divide-&-Conquer Algorithms for Dynamic Programming ProblemsChowdhury, Rezaul; Ganapathi, Pramod; Department of Computer Science; Chowdhury, Rezaul; Bender, Michael A; Liu, Yanhong A; Chapman, Barbara; Agrawal, Kunal .
1-Dec-2012Bag of Feature Graphs: A New Method for Non-rigid 3D Shape RetrievalQin, Hong; HOU, XIAOHUA; Department of Computer Science; Gu, Xianfeng; Mueller, Klaus.
1-Dec-2010Compiler-Assisted Software Model Checking and MonitoringQin, Hong; Huang, Xiaowan; Department of Computer Science; Scott D. Stoller; Klaus Havelund.
1-Dec-2016The Computational Complexity of the Provision-after-Wait Problem in HealthcareChen, Jing; Srinivasan, Gowtham; Department of Computer Science; Gao, Jie; Gu, Xianfeng David.
1-Dec-2016Computational models of visual features: from proto-objects to object categoriesSamaras, Dimitris; Zelinsky, Gregory J; Yu, Chen-Ping; Department of Computer Science; Nguyen, Minh Hoai; Konkle, Talia.
1-May-2011Content-based Access ControlRob Johnson. Yejin Choi.; Hart, Michael Andrew; Department of Computer Science; Scott Stoller; MÇünica F. Fernandez-Bugallo.
1-May-2012A Context Aware Block Layer: The Case for Block Layer DeduplicationZadok, Erez; Mudrankit, Amar; Department of Computer Science; Johnson, Rob; Porter, Donald.
1-Aug-2012Coupling Techniques for Dense Surface Registration:Samaras, Dimitris; Mitchell, Joseph S.B.; Zeng, Yun; Department of Computer Science
1-Aug-2012Design and Performance Considerations for Vehicular Network AccessDas, Samir R; Deshpande, Pralhad Dinesh; Department of Computer Science; Gupta, Himanshu; Wong, Jennifer; Tang, Wendy.
1-May-2012Diffusion-Driven Kernel Design and Algorithms for Dynamic Shape AnalysisQin, Hong; Hou, Tingbo; Department of Computer Science; Mitchell, Joseph S. B.; Gu, Xianfeng Wang, Rui
1-Dec-2011Discrete Metric Design and Discrete Tangent Bundles: from Surfaces to 3-ManifoldsXianfeng Gu.; Yin, Xiaotian; Department of Computer Science; Joseph S.B. Mitchell; Jie Gao; Xiangmin Jiao; Feng Luo.
1-May-2012Distributed Algorithms for Online Coordination in Wireless Sensor NetworksGao, Jie , Das, Samir; Zhou, Dengpan; Department of Computer Science; Gu, Xianfeng; Hong, Sangjin.
1-May-2010Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Cellular NetworksGupta, Himanshu; Al-Ayyoub, Mahmoud; Department of Computer Science; Samir R. Das; Jie Gao; Milind M. Buddhikot.
1-Dec-2010Efficient Datalog Queries with Time and Space Complexity GuaranteesLiu, Yanhong A.; Tekle, Tuncay; Department of Computer Science; David S. Warren; Michael Kifer; Patrick Cousot.
1-Dec-2012AN EFFICIENT FRAMEWORK FOR HIGH-QUALITY LOW-DOSE CT RECONSTRUCTION AND REFERENCE-BASED IMAGE RESTORATIONMueller, Klaus D; Xu, Wei; Department of Computer Science; Samaras, Dimitris; Liang, Jerome Z; Harrington, Donald.
1-Aug-2010Efficient Metadata Update Techniques for Storage SystemsKorach, Chad; Nakamura, Toshio; Lu, Maohua; Department of Computer Science; Jie Gao; Robert Johnson; David D. Chambliss.