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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2016Cultural and Language Change of Spanish Native Speakers Living in the USARuiz-Debbe, Lilia D.; Davidiak, Elena; Calderon, Blanca E.; Department of Linguistics
1-Aug-2012Diachrony in Synchrony: Korean vowel harmony in verbal conjugationBroselow, Ellen I; Kang, Hijo; Department of Linguistics; Huffman, Marie K; Bethin, Christina Y; Kang, Yoonjung.
1-May-2017Emphasis in Zilfaawi ArabicHuffman, Marie; Alammar, Ammar; Department of Linguistics; Becker, Michael; Hoberman, Robert; Lababidi, Zafer.
1-Dec-2012Feature-Based Binding and Phase TheoryBailyn, John F.; Antonenko, Andrei; Department of Linguistics
1-Aug-2010Frequency, Gradience, and Variation in Consonant InsertionRawlinson, Mary; An, Young-ran; Department of Linguistics; Marie K. Huffman; Robert D. Hoberman; Andries W. Coetzee.
1-May-2017The interaction of animacy and morpho-syntax in ArabicDrury, John E; Melebari, Alaa Abdulaziz; Department of Linguistics; Aronoff, Mark; Hoberman, Robert; Idrissi, Ali.
1-Aug-2011Non-native Perception and Production of Foreign SequencesEllen Broselow.; Hwang, Jiwon; Department of Linguistics; Marie K. Huffman; Christina Y. Bethin; Arthur Samuel; Nancy Squires.
1-Aug-2010Optional scrambling in child and adult UkrainianLarson, Richard K.; Mykhaylyk, Roksolana; Department of Linguistics; Daniel L. Finer; John F. Bailyn; Irina A. Sekerina.
1-Aug-2011The phonetics of stress manifestation: Segmental variation, syllable constituency and rhythmMarie K. Huffman.; KIM, MIRAN; Department of Linguistics; Lori Repetti; JosǸ ElÇðas-Ulloa; Lisa Lavoie.
1-Aug-2012The Role of Alternation in Phonological RelationshipsBroselow, Ellen I.; Lu, Yu-an; Department of Linguistics; El?Áas-Ulloa, Jos??; Huffman, Marie K.Samuel, Arthur G.Hall, Kathleen C.
1-Aug-2011Sentence Adverbs in the Kingdom of AgreeRichard K. Larson.; Shu, Chih-hsiang; Department of Linguistics; John E. Drury; Daniel L. Finer; James Huang.
1-May-2012Syllable Structure, Frequency, Analogy, and Phonetics: Factors in North Kyungsang Korean Accentuation of Novel WordsBroselow, Ellen I., Huffman, Marie K.; Kim, Hyun-ju; Department of Linguistics; Bethin, Christina Y.; Kenstowicz, Michael
1-Dec-2016The Syntax of AddressFiner, Daniel L; Bailyn, John F; Slocum, Poppy M.; Department of Linguistics; Larson, Richard K; Zanuttini, Raffaella.
1-Dec-2012Thematic Resultative Expressions in English and Japanese: A view from Syntax of Event AspectLarson, Richard K.; Asano, Yukiko; Department of Linguistics; Hoberman, Robert D.Finer, Daniel L.Beavers, John T..
1-Dec-2012Whoever doesn't HOP must be Superior: The Russian left-periphery and the Emergence of SuperiorityBailyn, John F.; Scott, Tatiana; Department of Linguistics; Finer, Daniel L; Larson, Richard K; den Dikken, Marcel.