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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2015Advances in Theory of Coherent Electron CoolingLitvinenko, Vladimir; Elizarov, Andrey; Department of Physics.; Kharzeev, Dmitri; Hemmick, Thomas; Aschenauer, Elke-Caroline.
1-Dec-2013Aspects of Supersymmetric Field Theories and Complex GeometryRocek, Martin; Crichigno, Patricio Marcos; Department of Physics.; van Nieuwenhuizen, Peter; Herzog, Christopher; Hemmick, Thomas; Lawson, Blaine.
1-Dec-2014A Comprehensive Investigation and Coupler Design for Higher-Order Modes in the BNL Energy Recovery Linear AcceleratorBelomestnykh, Sergey; Marques, Carlos; Department of Physics (Scientific Instrumentation).; Du, Xu; Hemmick, Thomas; Tsybychev, Dmitri.
1-May-2012Dijet Angular Decorrelation with the ATLAS Detector at the LHCRijssenbeek, Michael; Gray, Julia Ann; Department of Physics; Begel, Michael; Hemmick, Thomas; Sterman, George.
1-May-2012Search for Supersymmetry in States with Large Missing Transverse Momentum and Three Leptons including a Z-BosonMCCarthy, Robert; Goodson, Jeremiah Jet; Department of Physics; Grannis, Paul; Hemmick, Thomas; Meade, Patrick; Redlinger, George
1-Dec-2013Simulation of Electron Beam Dyanmics in the 22 MeV Accelerator for a Coherent Electron Cooling Proof of Principle ExperimentLitvinenko, Vladimir; Owen, Justin; Department of Physics.; Hemmick, Thomas; Fernandez-Serra, Marivi.
1-Dec-2011A Study of Higher-Order Mode Damping in the Superconducting Energy Recovery LINAC at Brookhaven National LaboratoryLitvinenko, Vladimir; Hammons, Lee Reginald; Department of Physics; Stephens, Peter; Hemmick, Thomas; Sterman, George; Rose, James