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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2010Analysis of Load Distribution Strategies for Signature Search and Join Operation in Distributed Computing SystemsRobertazzi, Thomas G.; Hong, Sangjin; Kyong, Yuntai; Department of Electrical Engineering; Alex Doboli; Esther Arkin.
1-Dec-2015Bayesian Reliability Analysis and Nonlinear System Identification for Complex Particle Accelerator Protection SystemsRobertazzi, Thomas G; Brown, Kevin A; Chitnis, Prachi; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Tang, Wendy; Hong, Sangjin; Tsoupas, Nicholaos.
1-May-2017Building a High Performance Perpetual Wireless Sensor Network by Wireless ChargingYang, Yuanyuan; Wang, Cong; Department of Electrical Engineering; Hong, Sangjin; Ye, Fan; Das, Samir.
1-Dec-2015Co-Design of Wireless Power Transfer and Data Links for Next Generation Passive DevicesStanaćević, Milutin; Hong, Sangjin; JIAN, JINGHUI; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Salman, Emre; Gouma, Perena.
1-Aug-2010Collaborative and Heterogeneous Signal Processing Methodology for Mobile Sensor Based ApplicationsHong, Sangjin; Cho, Shung Han; Department of Computer Engineering; Murali Subbarao; Monica Fernandez-Bugallo; Hongshik Ahn.
1-Dec-2014Distributed Estimation in the Presence of CorrelationDjuric, Petar M; Weng, Zhiyuan; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Hong, Sangjin; Bugallo, Monica; Hu, Jiaqiao.
1-May-2015Energy-Efficient Local Storage Design With Superconductor Reciprocal Quantum LogicDorojevets, Mikhail; Chen, Zuoting; Department of Computer Engineering.; Hong, Sangjin; Salman, Emre; Wong, Jennifer.
1-Dec-2012Energy-Efficient Wide Datapath Integer Arithmetic Logic Units Using Superconductor LogicDorojevets, Mikhail; Ayala, Christopher Lawrence; Department of Computer Engineering; Hong, Sangjin; Salman, Emre; Wong, Jennifer.
1-Dec-2016Enhancing Power and Signal Integrity in Three-Dimensional Integrated CircuitsSalman, Emre; Wang, Hailang; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Hong, Sangjin; Stanacevic, Milutin; MacCarthy, Thomas.
1-Dec-2013Gaze Behavior Detection System Based on the Object ImageHong, Sangjin; Huang, Yunkai; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Hong, Sangjin; Milder, Peter.
1-May-2010Grid Based Navigation and Robust Control of Multiple Networked Mobile RobotsHong, Sangjin; Kim, Doug; Department of Electrical Engineering; Dmitri Donetski; Milutin Stanacevic; Hongshik Ahn.
1-Dec-2015High Performance Partition Based Reconfigurable Platform for Multiple Concurrent ApplicationsHong, Sangjin; Milder, Peter; Qi, Qi; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Shterengas, Leon; Ahn, Hongshik.
1-May-2017Mobile Data Gathering and Energy Replenishment inWireless Sensor Networks: Theoretical and Experimental ApproachesYang, Yuanyuan; Hong, Sangjin; Li, Ji; Department of Electrical Engineering; Donetski, Dmitri; Das, Samir R; .
1-Dec-2011Model-based Techniques for Dependable Decision Making in Groups of Agents Operating AutonomouslyDoboli, Alex; Wang, Meng; Department of Electrical Engineering; Wang, Xin; Hong, Sangjin; Fernandez-Bugallo, Monica; Kamberov, George
1-Dec-2014A Novel Analysis Method for Parallel ProcessingRobertazzi, Thomas G.; Zhang, Zhemin; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Hong, Sangjin; Milder, Peter; Badr, Hussein.
1-Dec-2014On the Design of High Performance Data Center NetworksYang, Yuanyuan; GUO, ZHIYANG; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Hong, Sangjin; Donetski, Dmitri; Arkin, Esther.
1-Dec-2014Performance Optimization in Large-Scale 802.11n Wireless Local Area NetworksYang, Yuanyuan; GONG, DAWEI; Department of Computer Engineering.; Hong, Sangjin; Yu, Dantong; Das, Samir.
1-Dec-2014Performance-Optimized Detection, Tracking and Modeling of Physical Phenomena in Distributed Sensing EnvironmentsDoboli, Alex; Hong, Sangjin; UMBARKAR, ANURAG; Department of Computer Engineering.; Salman, Emre; Milder, Peter; MacCarthy, Thomas.
1-Dec-2015Problems and Solutions for Backscatter-Based Tag-to-Tag Communication in the Internet of ThingsDjuric, Petar M.; Shen, Zhe; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Bugallo, Monica; Hong, Sangjin; R.Das, Samir.
1-Dec-2014Reconfigurable Architecture for Mixed Processing Elements with Buffer Based RepresentationHong, Sangjin; Tiwari, Sumit Suresh; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Doboli, Alex.