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1991Development of a research program for the Peconic Bay Estuary responsive to management needs : phase 1 : report of a workshop, 26 November 1991Marine Sciences Research Center; Colvin, Gordon; McElroy, Anne; Minei, Vito; Nuzzi, Robert; Schubel, J. R.; Smith, Christopher F.; Walker, Andrew; Preservation Department, Stony Brook University Libraries
1-Dec-2014GRAPHENE NANORIBBONS ELICIT CELL SPECIFIC UPTAKE AND DRUG DELIVERY VIA ACTIVATION OF EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR RECEPTORSSitharaman, Balaji; Mullick Chowdhury, Sayan; Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology; Shroyer, Kenneth; Clark, Richard; Hearing, Patrick; McElroy, Anne
1-Aug-2010Mechanisms of growth and sex determination in the Atlantic silverside, Menidia menidia, and the spatial scale of local adaptationConover, David O.; McElroy, Anne; Duffy, Tara; Department of Marine and Atmospheric Science; Stephan Munch; Mark Fast; Russell Borski.
1-Dec-2012Mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, and immune response indicators in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)Meliker, Jaymie R, Smith, Dylan M; Gallagher, Carolyn Michele; Department of Population Health and Clinical Outcomes Research; Golightly, Marc G; McElroy, Anne
1-May-2010Probing the Protein Folding Mechanism by Simulation of Dynamics and Nonlinear Infrared SpectroscopyAllam, Bassem; McElroy, Anne; Marai, Christopher; Department of Biochemistry and Structural Biology; David F. Green; Daniel P. Raleigh; Robert C. Rizzo; Dale G. Drueckhammer