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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-20155d Supersymmetry and Contact GeometryRocek, Martin; Pan, Yiwen; Department of Physics.; Nieuwenhuizen, Peter; McCarthy, Robert; Sun, Song; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2014Almost-Kahler Anti-Self-Dual MetricsLeBrun, Claude; Kim, Inyoung; Department of Mathematics.; Lawson, Blaine; Plamenevskaya, Olga; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2014Applications of the Seiberg-Witten equations to the Differential Geometry of non-compact Kahler manifoldsLeBrun, Claude R.; Elson, Ilya; Department of Mathematics.; Lawson, Blaine; Anderson, Michael; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2014Braiding non-ribbon surfaces and constructing broken fibrations on smooth 4-manifoldsViro, Oleg Y; Hughes, Mark Clifford; Department of Mathematics.; Sullivan, Dennis; Plamenevskaya, Olga; Rocek, Martin.
1-May-2017Bundles of Irreducible Clifford Modules and the Existence of Spin StructuresLawson, Blaine; Chen, Xuan; Department of Mathematics; LeBrun, Claude; Lawson, Blaine; Michelsohn, Marie-Louise; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2015Conical Kahler-Einstein metrics and Its ApplicationsChen, Xiuxiong; Yao, Chengjian; Department of Mathematics.; Lawson, Blaine; Bedford, Eric; Varolin, Dror; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2016Deformations of twisted cscK metricsChen, Xiuxiong; Zeng, Yu; Department of Mathematics; Khuri, Marcus; Sun, Song; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2013The Eventual Gaussian Distribution of Self-Intersection Numbers on Closed SurfacesChas, Moira; Sullivan, Dennis; Wroten, Matthew Murray; Department of Mathematics.; Milnor, John; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2014Holomorphic Twistor Spaces and Bihermitian GeometryLawson, Blaine; Gindi, Steven Michael; Department of Mathematics.; Lawson, Blaine; Michelsohn, Marie-Louise; Kirillov, Alexander; Rocek, Martin.
1-May-2012On Conformal Geometry of Kahler SurfacesLeBrun, Claude R; Koca, Caner; Department of Mathematics; Lawson, Blaine; Anderson, Michael; Rocek, Martin.
1-Aug-2012On the Partition Function for CP1-Instantons on a Flat TorusTakhtajan, Leon; Walsh, Joseph William; Department of Mathematics; Grushevsky, Samuel; Varolin, Dror; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2013Real rational curves of low degreeViro, Oleg; DMello, Shane; Department of Mathematics.; Starr, Jason; Sullivan, Dennis; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2016Refined Convergence for Genus-Two Pseudo-Holomorphic MapsZinger, Aleksey; Niu, Jingchen; Department of Mathematics; Starr, Jason; Plamenevskaya, Olga; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2013The Ricci flow on manifolds with boundaryAnderson, Michael; Gianniotis, Panagiotis; Department of Mathematics.; Khuri, Marcus; Chen, Xiu-Xiong; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2016Studies of Entanglement Entropy, and Relativistic Fluids for Thermal Field TheoriesHerzog, Christoper P; Spillane, Michael; Department of Physics; Dawber, Matthew; Anderson, Michael; Rocek, Martin.
1-Dec-2015Tritangents to Spherical CurvesViro, Oleg Y; Sobolev, Yury Arkady; Department of Mathematics.; Sullivan, Dennis; Phillips, Anthony; Rocek, Martin.