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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2015Algebraic Bethe Ansatz and Tensor NetworksKorepin, Vladimir E; Chong, You Quan; Department of Physics.; Wei, Tzu-Chieh; Schneble, Dominik; Sutherland, Scott.
1-Dec-2014Analysis of short range entangled topological phases protected by time-reversal symmetryFidkowski, Lukasz; Dick, Sebastian Moritz; Department of Physics.; Schneble, Dominik; Wei, Tzu-Chieh.
1-Aug-2015Applications of Physics and Geometry to FinanceFrey, Robert J.; Choi, Jaehyung; Department of Physics.; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Goldhaber, Alfred; Schneble, Dominik; Smith, Noah.
1-Dec-2016Applications of Tensor Network Algorithms in Quantum Many-Body PhysicsWei, Tzu-Chieh; West, Colin Gareth; Department of Physics; Fidkowski, Lukasz; Schneble, Dominik; Ganeshan, Sriram.
1-Dec-2012Design and Simulation of Single-Electron Molecular DevicesLikharev, Konstantin K; Simonian, Nikita; Department of Physics; Allen, Philip B; Fernandez-Serra, Marivi; Schneble, Dominik; Mayr, Andreas
1-Dec-2013Holographic PomeronZahed, Ismail; Stoffers, Alexander; Department of Physics.; Dawber, Matthew; Pisarski, Robert; Schneble, Dominik; Teaney, Derek.
1-Dec-2015Numerical Study of Periodic Adiabatic Rapid Passage SequencesMetcalf, Harold; Zhang, HE; Department of Physics; Schneble, Dominik; Sehgal, Neelima.
1-Dec-2014Optical Forces on Metastable HeliumMetcalf, Harold; Corder, Christopher Scott; Department of Physics.; Schneble, Dominik; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Anisimov, Petr.
1-Dec-2015QCD factorization and effective field theories at the LHCSterman, George F; Zeng, Mao; Department of Physics.; Schneble, Dominik; Dawson, Sally; Qiu, Jianwei; Paige, Frank.
1-Aug-2012Quantum Effects in Condensed Matter Systems in Three, Two and One DimensionsFernandez-Serra, Maria Victoria , Durst, Adam C; Ganeshan, Sriram; Department of Physics; Schneble, Dominik; Allen, Philip B; Soler Torroja, Jose M.
1-May-2015Some Studies on Partition Functions in Quantum Field Theory and Statistical MechanicsRocek, Martin; Nian, Jun; Department of Physics.; van Nieuwenhuizen, Peter; Abanov, Alexander; Schneble, Dominik; Takhtajan, Leon.
1-Aug-2012Theory of nuclear matter of neutron Stars and core collapsing supernovaeLattimer, James M; Lim, Yeunhwan; Department of Physics; Zingale, Michael; Calder, Alan C; Schneble, Dominik; Davis, Daniel M
1-Dec-2013Translational Symmetry Breaking in Materials: First-principles Wannier Function StudyKu, Wei; Lin, Chia-Hui; Department of Physics.; Allen, Philip; Schneble, Dominik; Hybertsen, Mark.
1-May-2012Ultrafast Coherent Control SpectroscopyWeinacht, Thomas C; Tseng, Chien-hung; Department of Physics; Schneble, Dominik; Fernandez-Serra, Maria V; Ruhman, Sanford.