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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014Aspects of Perturbative Quantum Field TheorySterman, George; Srednyak, Stanislav; Department of Physics.; Deshpande, Abhay; Venugopalan, Raju; Movshev, Mikhail.
1-Dec-2014Double Longitudinal Helicity Asymmetries in Pion Production from Proton Collisions, Studies of Relative Luminosity Determination, and the Impact on Determination of the Gluon Spin in the ProtonDeshpande, Abhay; Manion, Andrew Michael; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Figueroa, Eden; Boyle, Kieran; Wang, Xiaorong.
1-Dec-2015Effective Lagrangians for Higgs PhysicsGonzalez-Garcia, Maria Concepcion; Corbett, Tyler; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Weinacht, Thomas; Eboli, Oscar.
1-Dec-2015Investigating Electroweak Physics at the Large Hadron ColliderMeade, Patrick R; TIEN, PIN-JU; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Tsybychev, Dmitri; Davoudiasl, Hooman.
1-May-2012Measurement of the Single Neutral Pion Production Cross Section in Neutral-Current Neutrino Interactions in the T2K Pi-zero DetectorJung, Chang Kee; Lopez, Glenn David; Department of Physics; Sterman, George; Weinacht, Thomas; Paolone, Vittorio.
1-Dec-2014Measurement of the WW and WZ production cross section in the semi-leptonic final state using sqrt(s)=7 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detectorTsybychev, Dmitri; Puldon, David; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Zingale, Michael; Pleier, Marc-Andre.
1-Dec-2014QCD factorization for heavy quarkonium production and fragmentation functionsQiu, Jian-Wei; Zhang, Hong; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Deshpande, Abhay; Weinacht, Thomas; Morrison, David.
1-Dec-2014Real-time dynamics of the confining stringKharzeev, Dmitri; Loshaj, Frasher; Department of Physics.; Kharzeev, Dmitri; Sterman, George; Du, Xu; McLerran, Larry.
1-Dec-2015Resurgence and the Large N ExpansionHerzog, Christopher; Vaz, Ricardo; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Deshpande, Abhay; Rocek, Martin; Anderson, Michael.
1-Dec-2011A Study of Higher-Order Mode Damping in the Superconducting Energy Recovery LINAC at Brookhaven National LaboratoryLitvinenko, Vladimir; Hammons, Lee Reginald; Department of Physics; Stephens, Peter; Hemmick, Thomas; Sterman, George; Rose, James
1-Dec-2015Transverse Momentum Distribution for Drell Yan ProcessMeade, Patrick; Wang, Yikun; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Hobbs, John; Meade, Patrick.