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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2015Applications of Physics and Geometry to FinanceFrey, Robert J.; Choi, Jaehyung; Department of Physics.; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Goldhaber, Alfred; Schneble, Dominik; Smith, Noah.
1-Dec-2016Electron Source based on Superconducting RFBen-Zvi, Ilan; Xin, Tianmu; Department of Physics; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Fernandez-Serra, Maria Victoria; Wu, Qiong.
1-May-2012Nuclear matter Equation of State and Brown-Rho scalingKuo, Thomas T.S.; Dong, Huan; Department of Physics; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Schneble, Dominik A.Lacey, Roy A.Deng, Yuefan
1-Aug-2012Optical Forces from Periodic Adiabatic Rapid Passage Sequences on Metastable Helium AtomsMetcalf, Harold; Stack, Daniel; Department of Physics; Metchev, Stanimir; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Bentley, Sean J.
1-Dec-2014Optical Forces on Metastable HeliumMetcalf, Harold; Corder, Christopher Scott; Department of Physics.; Schneble, Dominik; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Anisimov, Petr.
1-Dec-2014Phase separation and neighboring ground states of superconductivity in KxFe2− ySe2Petrovic, Cedomir; Ryu, Hyejin; Department of Physics.; Stephens, Peter; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Khalid, Syed.
1-Aug-2011Probabilistic and Flux Landscapes of the Phage $\lambda$ Genetic SwitchWang, Jin; Borggren, Nathan Andrew; Department of Physics; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Averin, Dmitri; Ajitanand, Nuggehalli.
1-Dec-2013Quantum Computation and Quantum Measurements with Mesoscopic Superconducting StructuresAverin, Dmitri V; Deng, Qiang; Department of Physics.; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Du, Xu; Jia, Jiangyong; Luryi, Serge.
1-Aug-2015Random Matrix Theories for Lattice QCD Dirac OperatorsVerbaarschot, Jacobus; Zafeiropoulos, Savvas; Department of Physics.; Creutz, Michael; Goldman, Vladimir; Heller, Urs.
1-Dec-2015Search For Gravitons Decaying To Vector Bosons in Hadronic Final States in pp Collisions at √s = 8TeV Collected With the ATLAS DetectorMcCarthy, Robert L; Campoverde, Angel Fernando; Department of Physics.; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Hobbs, John; Davoudiasl, Hooman.
1-Dec-2012Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson at D0 in the μ + τ (hadrons) + 2 jets final stateGrannis, Paul D, McCarthy, Robert L; Ye, Wanyu; Department of Physics; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Protopopescu, Serban.