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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2012Development of a Vacuum Encapsulated, Hermetically Sealed Diamond Amplified Cathode CapsuleRao, Triveni, Deshpande, Abhay; Gangone, Elizabeth Michelle; Department of Physics (Scientific Instrumentation; Weinacht, Thomas; Hobbs, John Graf, Erle
1-Dec-2015Effective Lagrangians for Higgs PhysicsGonzalez-Garcia, Maria Concepcion; Corbett, Tyler; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Weinacht, Thomas; Eboli, Oscar.
1-Dec-2012Engineering Enhanced Piezoelectric Response in Ferroelectric SuperlatticesDawber, Matthew; Sinsheimer, John; Department of Physics; Weinacht, Thomas; Fernandez-Serra, Maria Victoria; Chandra, Premala; Han, Myung-Geun
1-Dec-2015Geometric Aspects of Quantum Hall StatesAbanov, Alexander G.; Herzog, Christopher; Gromov, Andrey; Department of Physics.; Weinacht, Thomas; Kirillov, Alexander.
1-May-2010Heterogeneous Object Scalar Modeling and Visualization Using Trivariate T-splinesZhu, Yimei; Weinacht, Thomas; Huang, Hao; Department of Computer Science; Xianfeng Gu; Joseph Mitchell.
1-May-2012Measurement of the Single Neutral Pion Production Cross Section in Neutral-Current Neutrino Interactions in the T2K Pi-zero DetectorJung, Chang Kee; Lopez, Glenn David; Department of Physics; Sterman, George; Weinacht, Thomas; Paolone, Vittorio.
1-Dec-2015Non-adiabatic Dynamics of Gene Regulatory NetworkWang, Jin; Chen, Cong; Department of Physics; Weinacht, Thomas; Averin, Dmitri; Li, Xiaolin.
1-Dec-2016Physical polymerization mechanisms in the chemistry-to-biology transitionDil, Ken A; Guseva, Elizaveta; Department of Physics; Fernandez Serra, Marivi; Weinacht, Thomas; MacCarthy, Thomas.
1-Dec-2014QCD factorization for heavy quarkonium production and fragmentation functionsQiu, Jian-Wei; Zhang, Hong; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Deshpande, Abhay; Weinacht, Thomas; Morrison, David.
1-May-2012Strong-field Dissociative Ionization as a Probe of Molecular Dynamics and StructureWeinacht, Thomas; Kotur, Marija; Department of Physics; Allen, Philip; Du, Xu; Becker, Andreas.
1-Dec-2016The study of nonequilibrium dissipative quantum dynamics and its applications to energy transport and quantum information processesWang, Jin; Zhang, Zhedong; Department of Physics; Weinacht, Thomas; Herzog, Christopher; Li, Xiaolin.