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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010MéSICA CRIOLLA: Cultural Practices and National Issues in Modern Peru. The Case of Lima (1920-1960)Uroskie, Andrew V.; Patterson, Zabet; G¢mez, Luis Martin; Department of History; April Masten; Frederick Moehn; Paul Gootenberg.
1-May-2010Associations Between Parental Psychopathology, Temperament, and Error-Related Brain Activity in Young ChildrenKlein, Daniel N.; Torpey, Dana Catherine; Department of Clinical Psychology; Greg Hajcak; Nancy Squires; Joseph C. Blader.
1-Aug-2011Aspects of Superconformal Field TheoriesLeonardo Rastelli.; Gadde, Abhijit; Department of Physics; Peter van Nieuwenhuizen; Martin Rocek; Paul Grannis; Leon Takhtajan.
1-May-2012Search for Supersymmetry in States with Large Missing Transverse Momentum and Three Leptons including a Z-BosonMCCarthy, Robert; Goodson, Jeremiah Jet; Department of Physics; Grannis, Paul; Hemmick, Thomas; Meade, Patrick; Redlinger, George
1-May-2012Molecular Mechanisms of Ionotropic Glutamate Receptor AssemblyWollmuth, Lonnie P; Salussolia, Catherine Lourdes; Department of Neuroscience; Kernan, Maurice; Furukawa, Hiro; Talmage, David; Akabas, Myles
1-Dec-2016The Role of Christian Doctrine in Shakespeare’s HamletVidebaek, Bente; Huffman, Clifford C; Palumbo, Kara; Department of English
1-May-2011Coupling ligand binding to ion channel gating in NMDA receptorsLonnie P. Wollmuth.; Talukder, Iehab; Department of Neuroscience; David McKinnon; Hiro Furukawa; Mark L. Mayer.
1-Dec-2015The Power of Advocacy in Bridging the Ideological Divide: The Campaign for Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility in the Cocoa Industry 2001-2014Blau, Joel; Morgan, Richard; DeLuca-Acconi, Robin Ann; Department of Social Welfare.; Hayward, Anna; Barthel-Bouchier, Diane.
1-Dec-2014The Versatile Applications of 6-Alkynyl Fucose and Other Fucose Analogs in Studying Protein FucosylationHaltiwanger, Robert S; Al-Shareffi, Esam; Department of Biochemistry and Structural Biology.; Carrico, Isaac; Brown, Deborah; Holdener, Bernadette; El-Maghrabi, M. Raafat.
1-May-2011Moerenuma Park as Noguchi's Utopian Universe-- the Park as Reflection of Ideal Sculptural Space of Isamu NoguchiAndrew V. Uroskie. Michele H. Bogart.; Aoyagi, Mariko; Department of Art History and Criticism