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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2012Energy-Efficient Wide Datapath Integer Arithmetic Logic Units Using Superconductor LogicDorojevets, Mikhail; Ayala, Christopher Lawrence; Department of Computer Engineering; Hong, Sangjin; Salman, Emre; Wong, Jennifer.
1-Dec-2014Defect Characterization in 4H Silicon Carbide Bulk Crystals and EpilayersDudley, Michael; Wu, Fangzhen; Department of Materials Science and Engineering.; Raghothamachar, Balaji; Venkatesh, T.; Su, Dong.
1-Dec-2013Defect studies in 4H- Silicon Carbide PVT grown bulk crystals, CVD grown epilayers and devicesDudley, Michael; Byrappa, Shayan Mysore; Department of Materials Science and Engineering.; Sokolov, Jonathan; Raghothamachar, Balaji; Su, Dong.
1-Aug-2010Optional scrambling in child and adult UkrainianLarson, Richard K.; Mykhaylyk, Roksolana; Department of Linguistics; Daniel L. Finer; John F. Bailyn; Irina A. Sekerina.
1-Aug-2015Gluing Techniques in Calibrated GeometryLawson, Blaine; Zhang, Yongsheng; Department of Mathematics.; Lawson, Blaine; Anderson, Michael; LeBrun, Claude; Grigorian, Sergey.
1-Dec-2012Event-Related Potential (ERP) Studies of Spatial Working MemoryLeung, Hoi-Chung; Squires, Nancy.; Hau, Chui Luen Vera; Department of Biopsychology; Luhmann, Christian; Kritzer, Mary.
1-Dec-2012Hyperkahler 4n-Manifolds with n Commuting Quaternionic Killing FieldsLeBrun, Claude; Malkoun, Joseph; Department of Mathematics
1-Dec-2016Increasing College Students’ Interest and Engagement in STEM: A Comparison of Strategies for Challenging STEM StereotypesLevy, Sheri R.; London, Bonita; Shin, Jiyun Elizabeth; Department of Social/Health Psychology; Moyer, Anne; Rajaram, Suparna; Bear, Julia; .
1-Dec-2015Discourses on Time in the European Avant-GardeLochhead, Judith; Smith, Stephen D; Hayes, Aaron Allen; Department of Music; Steege, Benjamin; Casey, Edward; Hulse, Brian; .
1-Dec-2015Advancing numerical prediction of physical and biological processes in Long Island SoundLwiza, Kamazima M.M.; Liu, Ling; Department of Marine and Atmospheric Science.; Zhang, Minghua Zhang; Wang, Dong-Ping; Wilson, Robert; Oey, Lie-Yauw; Lermusiaux, Pierre.