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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014The Versatile Applications of 6-Alkynyl Fucose and Other Fucose Analogs in Studying Protein FucosylationHaltiwanger, Robert S; Al-Shareffi, Esam; Department of Biochemistry and Structural Biology.; Carrico, Isaac; Brown, Deborah; Holdener, Bernadette; El-Maghrabi, M. Raafat.
1-May-2015Surface Remodeling of Lentiviral and Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors via Metabolically Introduced Bioorthogonal FunctionalitiesCarrico, Isaac S.; Chu, Yanjie; Department of Chemistry.; Parker, Kathlyn; Schärer, Orlando; Hearing, Patrick.
1-Dec-2015The roles of sox2 and canonical Wnt signaling pathway in fate specification of tailbud bipotential stem cellsMartin, Benjamin L; Tseng, Yu-Jung; Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology.; Sirotkin, Howard.
1-Dec-2013P12, a novel fibronectin peptide, promotes cell survival by augmenting PDGF-BB survival signalsClark, Richard A.F.; Zhu, Jia; Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology.; Brown, Deborah; Lin, Richard; Zong, Wei-Xing; Entcheva, Emilia.
1-Aug-2012Correlating Structure and Function in Class A GPCRsSmith, Steven O, Scarlata, Suzanne; Goncalves, Joseph Anthony; Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
1-Aug-2010Mechanism and Inhibition Studies of MenE MbtI and MenF Three Potential Drug Targets against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and Staphylococcus aureusLi, Qiang; Zhou, Rong; Department of Chemistry; Dale G. Drueckhammer; Daniel P. Raleigh; Peter J. Tonge; Subramanyam Swaminathan.
1-Aug-2011Mechanism and Inhibition Studies of Enoyl-ACP Reductases and Dihydroxynaphthoyl-CoA Synthase in Pathogenic BacteriaPeter J. Tonge.; Liu, Nina; Department of Chemistry; Elizabeth M. Boon; Jin Wang; Stephen G. Walker.
1-Dec-2013Regulatory mechanism of Hematopoietic Stem Cell self-renewal by stem cell factor SALL4Aguila, Jerell R; Yang, Jing; Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology.; Dean, Neta.
1-Dec-2013Plasmonic nanoclusters based on conjugated polymer for controlled optical outputCotlet, Mircea; Wang, Xuyi; Department of Materials Science and Engineering.; Gersappe, Dilip; Venkatesh, T..
1-Dec-2017The Intracellular Cell Biology of Ionotropic Glutamate ReceptorsWollmuth, Lonnie P; Hsieh, Helen; Certain, Noele Doreen; Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology;