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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014Synthesis of a Novel bis-Thiol Receptor for Arsenic(III) CompoundsDrueckhammer, Dale; Archer, Karlee; Department of Chemistry.; Koch, Stephen; Marecek, James.
1-Dec-2016PhDDrueckhammer, Dale G; Liang, Xiaofei; Department of Chemistry
1-May-2017Theoretical study of methane activation and methane-methanol conversion on Ni2P model catalystsLiu, Ping; Zhang, Shuaifeng; Department of Chemistry; Wang, Jin; Simmerling, Carlos.
1-Aug-2011Fabrication, Characterization and Environmental Impacts of Multifunctional Nanomaterials for Energy ConversionStanislaus S. Wong. John Parise.; Peng, Xiaohui; Department of Chemistry; Joseph W. Lauher; Michael Dudley.
1-Dec-2011Fluorescence-based Approaches for Studying Nucleotide Excision RepairScharer, Orlando D.; Khoo, Andy; Department of Chemistry; Boon, Elizabeth M.Simmerling, Carlos.
1-Aug-2015Probing O-GlcNAc Modifications Via Metabolic Labeling Using Unnatural SugarsCarrico, Isaac S; Rajaram, Lakshmi; Department of Chemistry.; Drueckhammer, Dale; Koch, Stephen; Koller, Antonius.
1-Dec-2013The design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel taxoid anticancer agents and their tumor-targeted drug conjugatesOjima, Iwao; Seitz, Joshua; Department of Chemistry.; Scharer, Orlando; Goroff, Nancy; Horwitz, Susan.
1-May-2015Identification and characterization of cholesterol metabolism related genes and gene products from Mycobacterium tuberculosisSampson, Nicole S; Yang, Meng; Department of Chemistry.; Raleigh, Daniel; French, Jarrod; Garcia-Diaz, Miguel.
1-Dec-2015Topical Treatment of Actinic Keratosis and Non-melanoma Skin Cancer with Phospho-sulindac and DifluoromethylornithineRigas, Basil; Sun, Yajing; Department of Chemistry.; Tonge, Peter; Rudick, Jonathan.
1-Dec-2016Synthetic, Medicinal, and Computational Studies on Novel Anticancer, Antitubercular, and Anti-nociceptive AgentsOjima, Iwao; Wei, Longfei; Department of Chemistry; Rudick, Jonathan G; Tonge, Peter J; Gupta, Ramesh C.