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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2013An Exploration of Alkyne-Alkyne Cross-Coupling Reactions and Attempts Towards Controlled Polymerization of DiiodooctatetrayneGoroff, Nancy S; Black, Allison; Department of Chemistry.; Mayr, Andreas; Kerber, Robert; Wachter-Jurcsak, Nanette.
1-Dec-2015Developmental and Receptor-Mediated Pathways Define Acinar Cell PlasticityCrawford, Howard C; Carrico, Isaac S; Halbrook, Christopher James; Department of Chemistry.; Sampson, Nicole; Zong, Wei-Xing.
1-May-2015DNA-programmable Nano-systems: Design, Reconfiguration and Optical PropertiesGang, Oleg; Tian, Ye; Department of Chemistry.; Grubbs, Robert; Goroff, Nancy; Meng, Yizhi.
1-Dec-2014Assembly, Structure and Properties of DNA Programmable NanoclustersGang, Oleg; Grubbs, Robert; Chi, Cheng; Department of Chemistry.; Khalifah, Peter; John, George.
1-Aug-2015Functionalized Nanofibrous Materials for Water PurificationChu, Benjamin; Hsiao, Benjamin; Yang, Rui; Department of Chemistry.; Grubbs, Robert; Rudick, Jonathan; Mahajan, Devinder.
1-Aug-2015Investigations of Non-noble Metal Based Oxynitrides and Nitrides as Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Hydrogen Evolution ReactionKhalifah, Peter G; Cao, Bingfei; Department of Chemistry.; Wong, Stanislaus; Parise, John; Stacchiola, Dario.
1-Dec-2014Part I. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel 2,5,6-trisubstituted benzimidazoles targeting FtsZ as antitubercular agents., Part II. Development of novel taxoid-based drug conjugates and theranostic imaging agents towards tumor-targeted chemotherapyOjima, Iwao; Park, Bora; Department of Chemistry.; Fowler, Frank; Tonge, Peter.
1-Dec-2016Development of novel antimicrobial agents through inhibition of cytokinetic protein FtsZ in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and sphingolipid GlcCer in fungiOjima, Iwao; Haranahalli Raghunandan, Krupanandan; Department of Chemistry; Tonge, Peter J; Drueckhammer, Dale G; Del Poeta, Maurizio.
1-Dec-2015Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel taxoid-based small-molecule theranostic PET/SPECT imaging agents and nano-scale asymmetric bow-tie dendrimer drug conjugates towards tumor-targeted chemotherapyOjima, Iwao; Goroff, Nancy; Wang, Tao; Department of Chemistry.; Boon, Elizabeth; Sitharaman, Balaji.
1-Dec-2013Drug discovery through combination of computational screening and design, chemical synthesis and biological evaluationsOjima, Iwao; Berger, William Theodore; Department of Chemistry.; Simmerling, Carlos; Boon, Elizabeth; Deutsch, Dale.