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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2012Design of ultra-sensitive fluorescence detection system for applications in molecular biologyGorfinkel, Vera; Tovkach, Ivan; Department of Electrical Engineering; Donetski, Dmitri.
1-Dec-2015Real-Time Power Flow Analysis & Short-term Electricity Load Forecasting in Smart GridFeinberg, Eugene; Li, Muqi; Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.; Samulyak, Roman; Hu, Jiaqiao; Robertazzi, Thomas.
1-Aug-2011Design of Low Noise and Low Power Front-end Readout Circuitry in Radiation Detector SystemMilutin Stanacevic.; Yeh,Yi-Shin; Department of Electrical Engineering; Emre Salman. .
1-Dec-2011Through-Silicon Via (TSV) Related Noise Coupling in Three-Dimensional (3-D) Integrated Circuits (ICs)Salman, Emre; Asgari, Mohammad Hosein; Department of Electrical Engineering; Stanacevic, Milutin
1-Dec-2014Multi Agent Systems for Cooperative TrackingDjuric, Petar M; Bugallo, Monica; Beaudeau, Jonathan Patrick; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Murray, John; Feinberg, Eugene.
1-Dec-2011Development of a single photon detector for fluorescent spectrometryGorfinkel, Vera; Gudkov, Dmytro; Department of Electrical Engineering; Donetski, Dmitri.
1-Dec-2013Systematic Modeling and Characterization of Analog Circuits using Symbolic and Data Mining TechniquesDoboli, Alex; Ferent, Cristian; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Hong, Sangjin; Stanacevic, Milutin; Salman, Emre; McConaghy, Trent.
1-Aug-2017Design Methodologies to Manage Switching Noise with Applications to Biomedical Acoustic SystemsSalman, Emre.; Gan, Zhihua; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Salman, Emre; Stanacevic, Milutin; Qin, Yi-Xian; Guo, Brian.
1-Dec-2015Digital Implementation of a Synchronous First-in First-out ( FIFO) using CAD toolsStanacevic, Milutin; Gupta, Aseem; Department of Electrical Engineering.; Geronimo, Gianluigi.
1-Dec-2016Part 1. A Study on Delay Tolerant Network Algorithm for VANET Part 2. An Efficient MU-MIMO Precoding Operation with ZF and MMSEWang, Xin; Ye, Fan; LYU, TAEK KEUN; Department of Electrical Engineering