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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2016Overcoming Element Quality Dependence of Finite Element MethodsJiao, Xiangmin; Conley, Rebecca; Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Glimm, James; Samulyak, Roman; Gu, Xianfeng; Bar-Yoseph, Zvi.
1-May-2011Aspects of the Seiberg-Witten Equations on Manifolds with CuspsClaude LeBrun. Michael Anderson.; Di Cerbo, Luca Fabrizio; Department of Mathematics; Blaine Lawson; Martin Rocek.
1-Dec-2016Multiplicativity of perverse filtration for Hilbert schemes of fibered surfacesde Cataldo, Mark A; Schnell, Christian; Zhang, Zili; Department of Mathematics; Varolin, Dror; Popa, Mihnea.
1-Dec-2013Scalable Particle and Mesh Algorithms for Elliptic Components of Multiphase ProblemsSamulyak, Roman; Guo, Tongfei; Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.; Glimm, James; Jiao, Xiangmin; Calder, Alan.
1-Dec-2014Shintani Zeta Functions and Weyl Group Multiple Dirichlet SeriesTakhtajan, Leon; Wen, Jun; Department of Mathematics.; Knapp, Anthony; Starr, Jason; Chinta, Gautam.
1-Aug-2010Orbifold Degeneration of Conformally Compact Einstein MetricsAnderson, Michael T.; Girao, Frederico Vale; Department of Mathematics; Marcus A. Khuri; Daryl Geller; Peter van Nieuwenhuizen.
1-Aug-2010Non-recurrent dynamics in the exponential familyFeldman, Stanley; Benini, Anna; Department of Mathematics; Marco Martens; John Milnor; Saeed Zakeri.
1-Dec-2013The Ricci flow on manifolds with boundaryAnderson, Michael; Gianniotis, Panagiotis; Department of Mathematics.; Khuri, Marcus; Chen, Xiu-Xiong; Rocek, Martin.
1-Aug-2015Monetary Risk Measure with Applications in Portfolio Management-Partial HedgingRachev, Svetlozar; Tsao, Angela; Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.
1-May-2012Homogeneous Fibrations over CurvesStarr, Jason , Laza, Radu; Zhu, Yi; Department of Mathematics; Grushevsky, Samuel; de Jong, Johan.