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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014Towards Single Photon Nonlinearities using Cavity EITFigueroa, Eden; Burkley, Zakary; Department of Physics.; Allison, Thomas; Perna, Rosalba.
1-May-2012Potts Model and Generalizations: Exact Results and Statistical PhysicsShrock, Robert; Xu, Yan; Department of Physics; Abanov, Alexander; Wang, Jin; Jia, Jiangyong.
1-Aug-2012Development of a Vacuum Encapsulated, Hermetically Sealed Diamond Amplified Cathode CapsuleRao, Triveni, Deshpande, Abhay; Gangone, Elizabeth Michelle; Department of Physics (Scientific Instrumentation; Weinacht, Thomas; Hobbs, John Graf, Erle
1-Aug-2012Theory of nuclear matter of neutron Stars and core collapsing supernovaeLattimer, James M; Lim, Yeunhwan; Department of Physics; Zingale, Michael; Calder, Alan C; Schneble, Dominik; Davis, Daniel M
1-Dec-2016Topics in Statistical Physics: Protein Stability, Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, andDill, Ken A; Hazoglou, Michael John; Department of Physics; Fernandez-Serra, Marivi; Metcalf, Harold J; Balazsi, Gabor.
1-Aug-2011A Search for First Generation Leptoquarks at the ATLAS detectorJohn D. Hobbs. Maria Victoria Fernandez-Serra.; Caputo, Regina Marie; Department of Physics; Patrick Meade; Hong Ma.
1-Aug-2012Transport Processes in High Temperature QCD PlasmasTeaney, Derek; HONG, JUHEE; Department of Physics; Dawber, Matthew; Hemmick, Thomas K; Petreczky, Peter.
1-Aug-2015Random Matrix Theories for Lattice QCD Dirac OperatorsVerbaarschot, Jacobus; Zafeiropoulos, Savvas; Department of Physics.; Creutz, Michael; Goldman, Vladimir; Heller, Urs.
1-Aug-2011Theoretical studies of metal/ferroelectric superlatticesMaria V. Fernandez-Serra.; Gabel, Judith; Department of Physics; Matthew Dawber; Philip B. Allen.
1-Dec-2011A Measurement of Electrons From Heavy Quarks in p+p Collisions at [square root of]s = 200 GeVDrees, Axel , Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Themann, Harry W.; Department of Physics; Kistenev, Edouard; Goldhaber, Alfred; Takai, Helio.