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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014Integrability and non-integrability in the Ising modelMcCoy, Barry; Assis, Michael; Department of Physics.; Shrock, Robert; Stephens, Peter; Takhtajan, Leon.
1-May-2011Theoretical Considerations for Coherent Electron CoolingVladimir N. Litvinenko. Thomas K. Hemmick.; Webb, Stephen Davis; Department of Physics; Paul Grannis; Maria Fernandez-Serra; Vadim Ptitsyn.
1-Dec-2013A Hydrodynamic Analysis of Collective Flow in Heavy-Ion CollisionsTeaney, Derek; Yan, Li; Department of Physics.; Shuryak, Edward; Dawber, Matthew; Sorensen, Paul.
1-Aug-2011Dielectron Mass Spectra in sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200 GeV Cu+Cu Collisions at PHENIXThomas K. Hemmick.; Campbell, Sarah; Department of Physics; John Hobbs; Derek Teaney; Martin Purschke.
1-May-2011First Principle Study of Water: From Fundamental Properties to Photocatalytic ReactionMaria Victoria Fernandez-Serra.; Wang, Jue; Department of Physics; Philip B. Allen; Thomas C. Weinacht; Michael G. White.
1-Aug-2011Theoretical studies of metal/ferroelectric superlatticesMaria V. Fernandez-Serra.; Gabel, Judith; Department of Physics; Matthew Dawber; Philip B. Allen.
1-Dec-2014Real-time dynamics of the confining stringKharzeev, Dmitri; Loshaj, Frasher; Department of Physics.; Kharzeev, Dmitri; Sterman, George; Du, Xu; McLerran, Larry.
1-Dec-2015Study of the Velocity Dependence of the Adiabatic Rapid Passage (ARP) Optical Force in HeliumMetcalf, Harold J; Elgin, John David; Department of Physics.; Dawber, Matthew; Wei, Tzu-Chieh; Sears, Trevor.
1-Dec-2015QCD factorization and effective field theories at the LHCSterman, George F; Zeng, Mao; Department of Physics.; Schneble, Dominik; Dawson, Sally; Qiu, Jianwei; Paige, Frank.
1-Dec-2014The Case of Extended Supersymmetry and A Study in SuperspaceSiegel, Warren; Jain, Dharmesh; Department of Physics.; Nieuwenhuizen, Peter; Herzog, Chistopher; Tsybychev, Dmitri; Khuri, Marcus.