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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2011Effects of Disordered Dopants on the Electronic Structure of Functional Materials: Wannier Function-Based First Principles Methods for Disordered SystemsWei Ku.; Berlijn, Tom; Department of Physics; Philip Allen; Axel Drees; Mark S. Hybertsen.
1-Dec-2015Transverse Momentum Distribution for Drell Yan ProcessMeade, Patrick; Wang, Yikun; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Hobbs, John; Meade, Patrick.
1-Dec-2012Searches for Beyond the Standard Model tau jet at the proposed EIC detectorDeshpande, Abhay; Kunnawalkam Elayavalli, Raghav; Department of Physics; Dehmelt, Klaus; Kharzeev, Dmitri; Dawber, Matthew.
1-Aug-2012A Search for First Generation Leptoquarks in s^1/2 = 7 TeV pp Collisions with the ATLAS DetectorRijssenbeek, Michael , Tsybychev, Dmitri; Stupak III, John; Department of Physics
1-Dec-2011Higher-Order Modes in the BNL Energy Recovery Linac: Measurement and Waveguide Coupler DesignBen-Zvi, Ilan; Johnson, Elliott Curtis; Department of Physics (Scientific Instrumentation; Du, Xu; Koch, Peter M. Tsybychev, Dmitri
1-Aug-2012Optical Forces from Periodic Adiabatic Rapid Passage Sequences on Metastable Helium AtomsMetcalf, Harold; Stack, Daniel; Department of Physics; Metchev, Stanimir; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Bentley, Sean J.
1-Aug-2012Multidimensional Simulations of Type Ia Supernovae and Classical NovaeCalder, Alan C; Krueger, Brendan Kurt; Department of Physics; Walter, Frederick M; Zingale, Michael; Stephens, Peter; Pleier, Marc-Andr??
1-Dec-2015QCD factorization and effective field theories at the LHCSterman, George F; Zeng, Mao; Department of Physics.; Schneble, Dominik; Dawson, Sally; Qiu, Jianwei; Paige, Frank.
1-Dec-2015Investigating Electroweak Physics at the Large Hadron ColliderMeade, Patrick R; TIEN, PIN-JU; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Tsybychev, Dmitri; Davoudiasl, Hooman.
1-Aug-2015Alternative approaches to rapid acceleration of ion beams - harmonic ratcheting for fast RF acceleration and laser driven acceleration of gas jet targetsDrees, Axel; Stephens, Peter; Cook, Nathan; Department of Physics.; Peggs, Steve; Zingale, Mike; Sheehy, Brian; Pogorelsky, Igor.