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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2013Entanglement in low dimensional systemsKorepin, Vladimir; Santos, Raul; Department of Physics; Wei, Tzu-Chieh; Kirillov, Alexander; Figueroa, Eden
1-Dec-2013Quantum Critical Behaviors in Magnetic Systems: Yb3Pt4, YFe2Al10 and Yb2Pt2PbAronson, Meigan C; Wu, Liusuo; Department of Physics; Jacak, Barbara; Allen, Philip; Zaliznyak, Igor; Lee, Seung-Hun
1-Dec-2013Measurements of the W Boson Mass with the D0 DetectorHobbs, John D.; Lopes de Sa, Rafael Coelho; Department of Physics; Grannis, Paul; Meade, Patrick; Stark, Jan; Hirosky, Robert
1-Dec-2013A Hydrodynamic Analysis of Collective Flow in Heavy-Ion CollisionsTeaney, Derek; Yan, Li; Department of Physics; Shuryak, Edward; Dawber, Matthew; Sorensen, Paul
1-Dec-2013Simulation of Electron Beam Dyanmics in the 22 MeV Accelerator for a Coherent Electron Cooling Proof of Principle ExperimentLitvinenko, Vladimir; Owen, Justin; Department of Physics; Hemmick, Thomas; Fernandez-Serra, Marivi
1-Dec-2013Translational Symmetry Breaking in Materials: First-principles Wannier Function StudyKu, Wei; Lin, Chia-Hui; Department of Physics; Allen, Philip; Schneble, Dominik; Hybertsen, Mark
1-Dec-2013Holographic PomeronZahed, Ismail; Stoffers, Alexander; Department of Physics; Dawber, Matthew; Pisarski, Robert; Schneble, Dominik; Teaney, Derek
1-Dec-2013Uncovering the structure of (super)conformal field theoriesRastelli, Leonardo; Liendo, Pedro; Department of Physics; van Nieuwenhuizen, Peter; Dawber, Matthew; Rocek, Martin; Takhtajan, Leon
1-Dec-2013A Look at Heavy Ion Collisions Through the SO(3)-Invariant FlowShuryak, Edward; Staig Fernandez, Maria del Pilar; Department of Physics; McGrew, Clark; Drees, Axel; Lacey, Roy; McLerran, Larry
1-Dec-2013Aspects of Supersymmetric Field Theories and Complex GeometryRocek, Martin; Crichigno, Patricio Marcos; Department of Physics; van Nieuwenhuizen, Peter; Herzog, Christopher; Hemmick, Thomas; Lawson, Blaine