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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014The Case of Extended Supersymmetry and A Study in SuperspaceSiegel, Warren; Jain, Dharmesh; Department of Physics; Nieuwenhuizen, Peter; Herzog, Chistopher; Tsybychev, Dmitri; Khuri, Marcus
1-Dec-2014Measuring the anti-quark contribution to the proton spin using parity violating W production in polarized proton proton collisionsDeshpande, Abhay; Gal, Ciprian; Department of Physics; Tsybychev, Dmitry; Allison, Tom; Purschke, Martin; Qiu, Jianwei
1-Dec-2014A Comprehensive Investigation and Coupler Design for Higher-Order Modes in the BNL Energy Recovery Linear AcceleratorBelomestnykh, Sergey; Marques, Carlos; Department of Physics (Scientific Instrumentation); Du, Xu; Hemmick, Thomas; Tsybychev, Dmitri
1-Dec-2014Measurement of Direct Photons in Ultra-Relativistic Au+Au CollisionsDrees, Axel; McCarthy, Robert; Gong, Haijiang; Department of Physics; Kuo, Thomas; David, Gabor
1-Dec-2014Integrability and non-integrability in the Ising modelMcCoy, Barry; Assis, Michael; Department of Physics; Shrock, Robert; Stephens, Peter; Takhtajan, Leon
1-Dec-2014Measurement of the WW and WZ production cross section in the semi-leptonic final state using sqrt(s)=7 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detectorTsybychev, Dmitri; Puldon, David; Department of Physics; Sterman, George; Zingale, Michael; Pleier, Marc-Andre
1-Dec-2014Bolometric effect and phonon cooling in graphene-superconductor junctionsDu, Xu; Vora, Heli; Department of Physics; Allen, Philip; Koda, Jin; Shterengas, Leon
1-Dec-2014Analysis of short range entangled topological phases protected by time-reversal symmetryFidkowski, Lukasz; Dick, Sebastian Moritz; Department of Physics; Schneble, Dominik; Wei, Tzu-Chieh
1-Dec-2014The Influence of Proton Order on the Thermal Conductivity of IceFernandez-Serra, Maria V; Siebert, Jonathan Tammo; Department of Physics; Dawber, Matthew; Allen, Philip; Kiryluk, Joanna
1-Dec-2014Real-time dynamics of the confining stringKharzeev, Dmitri; Loshaj, Frasher; Department of Physics; Kharzeev, Dmitri; Sterman, George; Du, Xu; McLerran, Larry