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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2015Investigating Electroweak Physics at the Large Hadron ColliderMeade, Patrick R; TIEN, PIN-JU; Department of Physics.; Sterman, George; Tsybychev, Dmitri; Davoudiasl, Hooman.
1-Dec-2015Advances in Theory of Coherent Electron CoolingLitvinenko, Vladimir; Elizarov, Andrey; Department of Physics.; Kharzeev, Dmitri; Hemmick, Thomas; Aschenauer, Elke-Caroline.
1-Dec-2015Algebraic Bethe Ansatz and Tensor NetworksKorepin, Vladimir E; Chong, You Quan; Department of Physics.; Wei, Tzu-Chieh; Schneble, Dominik; Sutherland, Scott.
1-Dec-2016Electron Source based on Superconducting RFBen-Zvi, Ilan; Xin, Tianmu; Department of Physics; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Fernandez-Serra, Maria Victoria; Wu, Qiong.
1-Dec-2014Bolometric effect and phonon cooling in graphene-superconductor junctionsDu, Xu; Vora, Heli; Department of Physics.; Allen, Philip; Koda, Jin; Shterengas, Leon.
1-Aug-2015Applications of Physics and Geometry to FinanceFrey, Robert J.; Choi, Jaehyung; Department of Physics.; Verbaarschot, Jacobus; Goldhaber, Alfred; Schneble, Dominik; Smith, Noah.
1-Dec-2013Entanglement in low dimensional systemsKorepin, Vladimir; Santos, Raul; Department of Physics.; Wei, Tzu-Chieh; Kirillov, Alexander; Figueroa, Eden.
1-Dec-2012Some Results on One-Dimensional Models with Broken and Deformed SymmetriesKorepin, Vladimir E; Paraan, Francis Norman Claridades; Department of Physics; Schneble, Dominik A; Wei, Tzu-Chieh; Kirillov, Jr., Alexander.
1-Dec-2016Funneling electron beams from gallium arsenide photocathodesBEn-Zvi, Ilan; Rahman, Omer Habib; Department of Physics; Deshpande, Abhay; Kharzeev, Dmitri; Trbojevic, Dejan.
1-Aug-2015Alternative approaches to rapid acceleration of ion beams - harmonic ratcheting for fast RF acceleration and laser driven acceleration of gas jet targetsDrees, Axel; Stephens, Peter; Cook, Nathan; Department of Physics.; Peggs, Steve; Zingale, Mike; Sheehy, Brian; Pogorelsky, Igor.