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Title: Man charged with passing gas in general direction of a police officer
Authors: Constantinou, Constantia
Farley, Elizabeth
Grady, Fiona
Miller, Dean F
O'Connor, Rory
Schneider, Howard
Spikes, Michael
Resource Management, Stony Brook University Libraries
Keywords: West Virginia
sobriety test
police officer
passing of gas
bodily function
strong odor
battery on officer
Issue Date: 2-Oct-2008
Publisher: Stony Brook University. School of Journalism. Center for News Literacy.
Description: "Farting" Charge: News or Entertainment
MSNBC reports a drunk drivinig suspect was also charged with battery after passing gas and fanning it in the direction of police officers. The anchor, Willie Geist, continued reporting this "amazing" example of "News You Can't Use" even as a text update that the charges had been dropped appeared below him on the screen. The clip can be used in a discussion of how cable TV news often blurs the line between news and entertainment.
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