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Title: Ernie Anastos
Other Titles: Mission of the Press - The U.S. News Media: Too Much Freedom, or Not Enough?
Authors: Farley, Elizabeth
Grady, Fiona
Miller, Dean S
O'Connor, Rory
Schneider, Howard
Spikes, Michael
Constantinou, Constantia
Stony Brook University. School of Journalism. Center for News Literacy.
Resource Management, Stony Brook University Libraries
Keywords: wikileaks
Julian Assange
Steve Kroft
Espionage Act 1917
role of the press
national security
No Prior Restraint ruling
right to publish
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2009
Publisher: School of Journalism, Stony Brook University
Description: Video of Ernie Anastos using inappropriate language on air while joking with weatherman Nick Gregory.
Other Identifiers: ernieanastos.mp4
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