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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2016Increasing College Students’ Interest and Engagement in STEM: A Comparison of Strategies for Challenging STEM StereotypesLevy, Sheri R.; London, Bonita; Shin, Jiyun Elizabeth; Department of Social/Health Psychology; Moyer, Anne; Rajaram, Suparna; Bear, Julia; .
1-Dec-2016Infinitely primitively renormalizable polynomials with bounded combinatoricsLyubich, Mikhail; Adams, Joseph; Department of Mathematics; Martens, Marco; Bishop, Christopher; DeMarco, Laura.
1-Dec-2016Examining the Effects of Binegativity on Components of Sexual Identity and Internalizing Symptomatology among Bisexual Women using a Longitudinal Study DesignLondon, Bonita; Dyar, Christina; Department of Social/Health Psychology; Levy, Sheri R; Eaton, Nicholas R; Hatzenbuehler, Mark.
1-Dec-2016Novel processing of ceramics with polymorphic controlGouma, Pelagia Irene; Halada, Gary; Jodhani, Gagan; Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Venkatesh, T.A.; Liu, Mingzhao; Camino, Fernando; .
1-Dec-2016Aging-related elevation of sphingoid bases shortens yeast chronological life span by compromising mitochondrial functionMao, Cungui; Demple, Bruce; Yi, Jae Kyo; Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Hannun, Yusuf; Obied, Lina; Frohman, Michael; Rigas, Basil.
1-Dec-2016Self-Control, Context, and Health-Impairing Behaviors: Understanding Addiction RiskLobel, Marci; Moyer, Anne; Auerbach, Melissa; Department of Social/Health Psychology; Anderson, Brenda; Bear, Julia.
1-Dec-2016Characterization of Structural Defects in Wide Band-Gap Compound Materials for Semiconductor and Opto-Electronic ApplicationsDudley, Michael; GOUE, Ouloide Yannick; Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Raghothamachar, Balaji; Sokolov, Jonathan; Hossain, Anwar.
1-Dec-2016Essays on Internal Migration in Developing CountriesMontgomery, Mark R; Gurevich, Tamara; Department of Economics; Benitez-Silva, Hugo; Sanderson, Warren; Deb, Partha.
1-Dec-2016Education Dynamics in a Developing Country: Evidence from IndonesiaMontgomery, Mark R; Sumengen, Elif Deniz; Department of Economics; Sanderson, Warren; Muench, Thomas; Burroway, Rebekah.
1-Dec-2016Geometric Optimization Problems in Sensor NetworksMitchell, Joseph S.B.; Citovsky, Gui Benjamin; Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Arkin, Esther M.; Gao, Jie; Liu, Zhenhua.