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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Oct-2017Optimal Phase Balancing using Dynamic Programming with Spatial ConsiderationWang, Kai; Skiena, Steven; Robertazzi, Thomas G.
Feb-2017Bridges : Newsletter of the Stony Brook Health Sciences Chapter of United University ProfessionsStony Brook University
1-May-2017Theoretical study of methane activation and methane-methanol conversion on Ni2P model catalystsLiu, Ping; Zhang, Shuaifeng; Department of Chemistry; Wang, Jin; Simmerling, Carlos.
1-May-2017Thin Films for X-ray OpticsDudley, Michael; Conley, Raymond; Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Gersappe, Dilip; Raghothomachar, Balaji; Bouet, Nathalie.
1-May-2017What about Graffiti?Melgosa, Adrián P; Uriarte, Javier; Casas Gutierrez, Laura Patricia; Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature
1-May-2017Investigations of Quantum Materials: from Topological Insulators to High Temperature SuperconductorsGu, Genda; Tranquada, John M.; Zhong, Ruidan; Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Venkatesh, T. A.; Yin, Weiguo.
1-May-2017The effect of parasitism and predation on phenotypically plastic traits of the marine gastropod Tritia obsoletaPadilla, Dianna K; McCarty-Glenn, Mica; Department of Ecology and Evolution; Nehm, Ross H; Lopez, Glenn R; Blakeslee, April M H.
1-May-2017Tennyson’s Adulteress and Doyle’s Villain: Non-Normative Victorian Women and Narrative FailureTondre, Michael; Sukhu, Julia Shivani; Department of English; Thompson, Roger.
1-May-2017The interaction of animacy and morpho-syntax in ArabicDrury, John E; Melebari, Alaa Abdulaziz; Department of Linguistics; Aronoff, Mark; Hoberman, Robert; Idrissi, Ali.
1-May-2017The Ecology of BeingCasey, Edward S; Mattingly, Wesley Nolan; Department of Philosophy; O'Byrne, Anne; Craig, Megan; Davis, Bret W.