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Plasma Physics Reports V. 30, I. 07

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dc.description Plasma Physics Reports -- July 2004 Volume 30, Issue 7, pp. 549-637 TOKAMAKS Effect of the Magnetic Field Curvature on Magnetic Islands in Tokamaks A. B. Mikhailovskii, S. V. Konovalov, M. S. Shirokov, and V. S. Tsypin pp. 549-567 Full Text: PDF (217 kB) PLASMA DYNAMICS Relation between the Electric Parameters of a Z-Pinch Discharge and Plasma Production in the Load during the Implosion of a Cylindrical Wire Array V. V. Aleksandrov, E. V. Grabovskii, K. N. Mitrofanov, G. M. Oleinik, V. P. Smirnov, P. V. Sasorov, and I. N. Frolov pp. 568-581 Full Text: PDF (435 kB) BEAMS IN PLASMA Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Electron and Ion Beams Generated by High-Voltage Nanosecond Discharges in Dense Molecular Gases L. P. Babich, R. I. Il'kaev, T. V. Loiko, N. G. Pavlovskaya, and V. T. Punin pp. 582-586 Full Text: PDF (185 kB) PLASMA ELECTRONICS Interaction of a High-Current Electron Beam with Hybrid Waveguide and Plasma Modes in a Dielectric Cherenkov Maser with a Plasma Layer A. S. Shlapakovski and E. Schamiloglu pp. 587-594 Full Text: PDF (85 kB) NONLINEAR PHENOMENA Lasing without Inversion and Electromagnetically Induced Transparency under Electron Cyclotron Resonance Conditions M. D. Tokman, A. G. Litvak, M. A. Erukhimova, and A. Yu. Kryachko pp. 595-604 Full Text: PDF (117 kB) IONOSPHERIC PLASMA Numerical Integration of the Equations of Motion Describing the Acceleration of Plasma Particles in Syrovatskii's Model of the Dynamic Current Sheet A. V. Polyakov pp. 605-615 Full Text: PDF (217 kB) PLASMA KINETICS Fundamental Parameters of a Relativistic Runaway Electron Avalanche in Air L. P. Babich, E. N. Donskoy, R. I. Il'kaev, I. M. Kutsyk, and R. A. Roussel-Dupre pp. 616-624 Full Text: PDF (115 kB) LOW-TEMPERATURE PLASMA Physical Model of the Formation of a Low-Temperature Dense Plasma during the Irradiation of a Target by a Picosecond Laser Pulse M. A. Yakovlev pp. 625-631 Full Text: PDF (97 kB) Prebreakdown Phase of an Interelectrode Discharge in Water A. M. Anpilov, E. M. Barkhudarov, V. A. Kop'ev, I. A. Kossyi, V. P. Silakov, M. I. Taktakishvili, and S. M. Temchin pp. 632-637 Full Text: PDF (90 kB) en
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