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JETP Letters V. 72, I. 11

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dc.description JETP Letters -- December 10, 2000 Volume 72, Issue 11, pp. 541-592 FIELDS, PARTICLES, AND NUCLEI Quantum Particle Trajectories and Geometric Phase M. Dima pp. 541-545 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATIONS Near-Field Effect in Thermal Radio-Frequency Radiation K. P. Gaikovich and A. N. Reznik pp. 546-549 Full Text: PDF (54 kB) CONDENSED MATTER Anomalous Magnetism of La2CuO4 + x Single Crystals A. A. Nikonov and O. E. Parfenov pp. 550-552 Full Text: PDF (56 kB) Conductance of a 2D Electron System at Low Frequencies V. B. Shikin pp. 553-556 Full Text: PDF (44 kB) Pressure-Induced Dimerization Kinetics of Fullerene C60 V. A. Davydov, L. S. Kashevarova, A. V. Rakhmanina, V. M. Senyavin, O. P. Pronina, N. N. Oleinikov, V. Agafonov, and H. Szwarc pp. 557-560 Full Text: PDF (77 kB) Normal Spinel CuCr1.6Sb0.4S4, a New Material with a Giant Magnetoresistance L. I. Koroleva, R. V. Demin, J. Warczewski, J. Krok-Kowalski, T. Mydlarz, A. Gilewski, and A. Pacyna pp. 561-564 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of the Nonequilibrium Interaction of Impurity States at Semiconductor Surfaces P. I. Arseev, N. S. Maslova, S. I. Oreshkin, V. I. Panov, and S. V. Savinov pp. 565-568 Full Text: PDF (130 kB) Strings in Charge-Transfer Mott Insulators: Effects of Lattice Vibrations and the Coulomb Interaction A. S. Alexandrov and V. V. Kabanov pp. 569-573 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) Rapidly Fluctuating Fields as a Source of Low-Frequency Conductivity Fluctuations and the Size Effects in Quantum Kinetics Yu. E. Kuzovlev, Yu. V. Medvedev, and A. M. Grishin pp. 574-577 Full Text: PDF (52 kB) Scaling and Crossover to Tricriticality in Polymer Solutions M. A. Anisimov, V. A. Agayan, and E. E. Gorodetskii pp. 578-582 Full Text: PDF (90 kB) SCIENTIFIC SUMMARIES Microwave Response of High-Tc Superconducting Crystals: Results, Problems, and Prospects M. R. Trunin pp. 583-592 Full Text: PDF (188 kB) en
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dc.title JETP Letters V. 72, I. 11 en
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