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Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics V. 85, I. 05

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dc.description Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics -- November 1997 Volume 85, Issue 5, pp. 835-1048 Theoretical study of beta-decay of a negative tritium ion F. F. Goryaev and L. P. Sukhanov Full Text: PDF (77 kB) Quantum-electrodynamic processes in a strong nonclassical electromagnetic field O. B. Prepelitsa Full Text: PDF (178 kB) Radiation of slow electromagnetic waves in an isotropic medium with spatial dispersion M. V. Marmazeev and M. I. Ryazanov Full Text: PDF (96 kB) Spectral properties of backward stimulated scattering in liquid carbon disulfide Guang S. He, Yiping Cui, and Paras N. Prasad Full Text: PDF (282 kB) Interference in the photodecomposition of negative atomic hydrogen ions in an electric field P. A. Golovinskii Full Text: PDF (150 kB) Structure of a collisionless shock front with relativistically accelerated particles I. N. Toptygin Full Text: PDF (213 kB) Equilibrium configuration of a nematic liquid crystal confined to a cylindrical cavity S. V. Burylov Full Text: PDF (299 kB) Theory of parametric excitation of acoustic waves A. R. Muratov Full Text: PDF (231 kB) The renormalization group in the problem of turbulent convection of a passive scalar impurity with nonlinear diffusion N. V. Antonov Full Text: PDF (195 kB) Fluctuation background due to incompressible disturbances in laminar shear flows G. D. Chagelishvili and G. R. Khudzhadze Full Text: PDF (172 kB) Fluctuations in liquid crystals in the presence of a flexoelectric effect V. P. Romanov and G. K. Sklyarenko Full Text: PDF (232 kB) Optical and magneto-optical properties of Fe/Cu multilayered films: influence of the modulation period and the bcc-fcc phase transition in iron M. M. Kirillova, I. D. Lobov, V. M. Maevskii, L. V. Nomerovannaya, A. A. Makhnev, G. A. Bolotin, and F. A. Pudonin Full Text: PDF (193 kB) Anomalous behavior of the electrical conductivity tensor in strong magnetic fields A. Ya. Mal'tsev Full Text: PDF (213 kB) ESR millimeter-band spectroscopy of magnetic ordering in the low-dimensional magnet CuGeO3 S. V. Demishev, A. V. Semeno, N. E. Sluchanko, N. A. Samarin, A. N. Vasil'ev, and L. I. Leonyuk Full Text: PDF (109 kB) Chain ordering in molecular dynamics and kinetics A. �. Filippov Full Text: PDF (1549 kB) Scattering of electrons by a potential step in a magnetic field V. M. Zhilin and S. V. Iordanskii Full Text: PDF (124 kB) Theory of the electronic structure and spin susceptibility of La2 ��� xSrxCuO4 M. V. Eremin, S. G. Solov'yanov, and S. V. Varlamov Full Text: PDF (200 kB) Nonlinear time-independent and time-dependent propagation of light in direct-gap semiconductors with paired excitons bound into biexcitons A. Kh. Rotaru and V. Z. Tronchu Full Text: PDF (155 kB) Magnetoexciton absorption in coupled quantum wells Yu. E. Lozovik and A. M. Ruvinskii Full Text: PDF (250 kB) Galvanomagnetic properties of Hg1 ��� xMnxTe1 ��� ySey semimagnetic semiconductors V. A. Kul'bachinskii, I. A. Churilov, P. D. Mar'yanchuk, and R. A. Lunin Full Text: PDF (106 kB) Spin diffusion and relaxation in three-dimensional isotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets K. A. Kikoin and M. N. Kiselev Full Text: PDF (163 kB) Acoustic excitation of nuclear spin waves in the easy-plane antiferromagnetic material KMnF3 Kh. G. Bogdanova, V. A. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, V. E. Leont'ev, M. R. Nazipov, M. M. Shakirzyanov, M. I. Kurkin, and V. V. Nikolaev Full Text: PDF (160 kB) Nonlinear magnetohydrodynamic waves in compensated metals V. G. Peschanskii and D. I. Stepanenko Full Text: PDF (107 kB) Melting of the condensed inert gases B. M. Smirnov Full Text: PDF (155 kB) Isotope effect in ferromagnets V. M. Zverev Full Text: PDF (121 kB) de Haas���van Alphen effect in superconductors M. G. Vavilov and V. P. Mineev Full Text: PDF (264 kB) Investigation of the hyperfine interaction in the antiferromagnetic CsMnI3 L. A. Prozorova, S. S. Sosin, D. V. Efremov, and S. V. Petrov Full Text: PDF (119 kB) Nonsingular skyrmions for Landau levels with odd occupation number in a two-dimensional system S. V. Iordanskii and S. G. Plyasunov Full Text: PDF (229 kB) Erratum: Magnetic and structural correlations in EuMnO and BiMnO crystals in the paramagnetic temperature range [JETP 85, 156���162 (July 1997)] E. I. Golovenchits, V. A. Sanin, and A. V. Babinskii Full Text: PDF (30 kB) Erratum: Kinetic theory of semiconductor cascade laser based on quantum wells and wires [JETP 84, 375���382 (February 1997)] V. F. Elesin and A. V. Krasheninnikov Full Text: PDF (30 kB) en
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